Why a cat likes to sleep with its owner: top 7 reasons

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Why a cat likes to sleep with its owner: top 7 reasons

Many cat owners are aware of their pet’s habit of sleeping with their owner.

Experts were able to answer why animals like to sleep in human society:

1. She wants to treat you. There are legends about the healing power of cats. Animals determine which part of your body hurts and try to settle down there. It is very easy to determine for cats: a sore spot is much warmer than the rest of the body.

2. Love affection. Despite the fact that cats do not openly demonstrate their feelings, like dogs do, this does not mean their absence. That is why the cat at night likes to go to bed with someone to whom it feels sincere affection and sympathy.

3. Pleasant smell. Cats react very sensitively to aromas and if you smell pleasant, they will want to lie down next to the smell source.

4. Monitoring the situation. Domestic cats are descended from wild predators, so their instincts are still highly developed. Sleep is a vulnerable condition, a potentially dangerous time. Therefore, the cat can lie with you as the most powerful creature in the apartment, so that in which case you could protect it.

5. Love the heat. That is why they like batteries. The human body for cats also serves as a good heater.

6. Do not oversleep breakfast. Cats love food very much, and you give it to them. It is easier for a cat to go to bed next to wake up with the maximum benefit for himself.

7. Comfort. These animals like to sleep for a long time – 16 hours. They like warm cozy beds and soft blankets, because it’s so much more pleasant to sleep.

Photo: Pixabay

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